Propel Design to the Next Level and Let Creativity Take Over

Masland has developed products and services that provide both the desired aesthetic qualities and the necessary performance characteristics for hospitality environments. Masland Hospitality's selections are suitable for the most discriminating hotel and resort projects. Our carpets have been developed to exceed the aesthetic and comfort expectations of the property and its guests. All Masland Hospitality products are engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy foot traffic and repeated cleaning, resulting in retention of their original appearance and minimizing the need for premature replacement.


This collection is inspired by the range of complex, organic-looking effects created through the decoration and firing of pottery. From glazes that melt and flow in the finishing process, to surfaces that fracture or craze in lovely and unexpected ways, for centuries potters have used special techniques to produce their rich and colorful wares. The Crazed Collection reflects the intentional irregularity found in ceramics, with patterns that are both loose and structured; primitive and refined. From liquid-looking drips and spatters, to scratched and cracked or splintered layers, this selection of patterns create a contemporary backdrop that will work in any installation.


Distressed Classics

Capture the weathered, worn textures found in modern fashion, photography, art and textiles with Masland Hospitality’s Distressed Classics Collection. By putting a fresh spin on time-honored patterns such as houndstooth, plaid, paisley, chevron and ogee, we’ve achieved a contemporary twist on quintessential design.



Light as air, yet pulled tightly together by attraction. The spherical designs of Masland Hospitality’s Effervesce Collection give rise to new inspiration in hospitality interiors. Propelled by the performance of Tapistron CYP technology, each design is engineered for superior wear retention and defense against roller and high traffic patterns. Overcome the surface tension pull of the ordinary, and let your creativity bubble over into new frontiers with this compilation of contemporary styles.


Fleur de Lis

Herald the perfect counterpoint of technology and design in hospitality flooring with the Fleur de Lis Collection from Masland Hospitality. Taking design elements from traditional to abstract, specifiers will find several looks to add movement to current hospitality interiors. Strongly influenced by the metallic hues of gold and grey, Fleur de Lis style options provide the perfect backdrop for environments with mixed metal components. Command an array of high-tech design advances from computer yarn placement to MLCL and Infinity technology to create a new class of hospitality designs in broadloom, modular carpet tile, and area rug expressions.



Draw inspiration from the fluid movements of design found in Masland Hospitality’s Freehand Collection. Much as ink touches paper and paint flows on canvas, use the flowing movement of color and lines in these designs to enhance guest rooms and public spaces in multiple hospitality settings. Employ such high-tech design advances from computer yarn placement to MLCL and Infinity technology to create specific looks in broadloom, modular carpet tile and area rug expressions.



Draw inspiration from the shape, size and properties from a wealth of pattern motifs with the Geometry Collection by Masland Hospitality. Influenced by cultural designs from around the world, look to bold contours and simple, loosely-drawn lines for maximum visual impact. Play with shapes of all kinds, from streamlined and simplistic, to layered and complex, to provide the perfect vehicle for showcasing bright accents in the hospitality interior.



Forge an alliance between the contemporary and classic with the sophisticated aesthetic of the Ironworks Collection. Its textural patterns give movement to a warm and welcoming feeling that is at home in a wide range of applications. Bold blues work in harmony with velvety neutrals for installations wrought in excellence.


Life on the Etch

Drawing from the inspired sgraffito technique of classical palette knife painting, the skill is reflected in the flowing energy of our new Life on the Etch Collection. The interplay of color and texture is the perfect counterpoint for the bold designs expressed in six dynamic colors. Give rise to new articulations in creativity, and usher in your own form of design awakening.


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